My Tail Bag

After posting my photos on Instagram, Facebook, G+, and here, I have been getting the same question a lot:

"What is that tail bag you're using?"

Well, it's called the "Storage Pod" from Z-Technik. I bought mine locally at BMW Motorcycles of Omaha, but I have also found it online. the tail bag usually holds 1-2 bottles of water for the road, my tool set, a small tripod, and, when touring with the group, my Kenwood radio. The tank bag is the standard (new) BMW RTW bag; besides some power bars, my wallet, etc, I usually also keep my Sony A7Rii in it for quick access.

So, for those interested in a smaller tail bag, check it out e.g. on the National Cycle web site...

Keep in mind that this 'pod' does not lock, so I don't keep anything I'd like to keep in it; or if I do, I make sure to take the stuff I'd like to keep out in the evening.

Hope this helps!


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