A Practice Guide for Braking

Via Cycle World: A Practice Guide for Braking

Chris Peris in-action 
YCRS instructor/owner Chris Peris caught entering Barber’s Turn One. The rear is just lifting off the ground as Peris approaches maximum brake pressure. Read below the practice step Peris follows to remain calm while piloting the Army of Darkness BMW to two consecutive WERA national championships. On a bike this fast, an intimate relationship with the brakes is mandatory! (Photo by BMW Owners News) 
Last week while standing on the Inde Motorsports Ranch asphalt watching riders approach during the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) braking practice session, it occurred to me how poorly most riders brake. To be more precise: how poorly most riders perform during an emergency stop. Very few even get close to the bike’s maximum stopping potential until well into the drill. 
As I watched, I realized that even if some of our students habitually practice braking as they claim, they may not have a set procedure to practice. This column aims to give you and your friends a procedure to follow in the belief that “Practice makes permanent, so let’s have good practices.” 
The following practice guide includes explanations of why the actions count. This sport is wonderfully provable and each of us needs to prove the worth of riding advice we receive. Read more...


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