Four Things You Should Never Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Via Four Things You Should Never Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Houston-based injury and accident attorney, John Zaid, provides some sound advice for what not to do following a motorcycle accident – or any vehicular accident. —Ed.

Even if you are a very safe and responsible motorcycle rider, you may have the misfortune of getting into an accident at some point. And if it does ever happen, you should know exactly what to do to prevent causing further problems by avoiding one of these common mistakes.

Never  admit fault at the scene

When it comes to determining fault, very few vehicle accidents are cut and dried. Your perception of what happened might not be entirely accurate, even if you think you were the one who caused it. That’s why you should never tell the other driver or a police officer that you accept blame for the accident. You should even avoid apologizing, as your kindness might be misinterpreted.

It’s okay to inquire about the well-being of the other driver and passengers and to be perfectly polite and courteous, but that’s all. Your sincere apology or admission of involvement in the cause of the accident could later be used against you by your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance. Simply stick to the facts and you’ll be less likely to have your own words used as a reason not to pay for damages to your motorcycle or costs related to injuries you may have sustained. Read more...


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