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Harley-Davidson Fairing Comparison: Ultra Touring Glide-Off

Harley-Davidson Fairing Comparison: Ultra Touring Glide-Off : Typically, when we perform a comparison test, we select bikes in the same category to see which one works best. This time, however, we’re approaching this comparison with a few long-lingering questions in mind: How does having a fork-mounted fairing or a frame-mounted fairing affect the dynamics of a motorcycle? Does having the weight of the fairing on the fork make it floppy at low speeds? Do fork-mounted fairings interact with prevailing wind or turbulence coming off of vehicles? How noticeable is the improved wind protection on the frame-mounted fairing – particularly during cold-weather riding? Get the Flash Player to see this player. While we initially envisioned this comparison including the Street Glide (America’s most popular street bike) to accomplish this task, we selected the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra because they both have trunks, making these bikes

Adventures in Paradise: Touring in the Dominican Republic

Adventures in Paradise: Touring in the Dominican Republic : Riding experiences in the DR spanned everything from hammering rains to hot-weather rides to numerous beachfront stops. (Photos by the author and Bill and Samantha Scrowther) Life in the USA has become so sanitized, homogenized, standardized and over-regulated that I often feel I was born too late. Especially so if I’ve been reading the historical adventures of James Cook, Lewis and Clark, or Teddy Roosevelt. It was time to take a trip through undiscovered country. So the motto for MotoCaribe Motorcycle Tours in the Dominican Republic—“Adventures in Paradise”—filled the bill nicely. Not just another tour, but a real adventure? Sounds great. Whether checking out a marble quarry or exploring a cave, MotoCaribe took us to some wild, out-of-the-way places far off the beaten path. In discussing the North Coast Tour with MotoCaribe founder and tour leader Robert Cooper, I mentioned I knew practically nothing about the Caribbean.