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2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/S | Road Test Review

2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/S | Road Test Review : The Urban G/S is the fifth variant of the BMW R nineT (including the original Roadster). Photos by Drew Ruiz. It seems there are two general approaches to new motorcycle design: modern/futuristic and retro/old school. The head-turning R nineT , which BMW launched in 2014 to demonstrate it’s got some artisanal hipster rock ’n’ roll in its DNA in addition to a Teutonic need for functionality, represents the latter. At more than $15,000, the R nineT is still just a bit on the expensive side though, and to our pleasant surprise BMW has been releasing less-expensive variants of the original that keep getting cooler and cooler: the Scrambler , Pure, Racer and, most recently, the Urban G/S. Read our comparison test between the BMW R nineT and Triumph Bonneville T120. A fleeting glance at the Urban G/S might make you wonder if you’re experiencing a blast from the past. With its Light White high fender, headlight cover and gas tank with BMW Mot

2018 Indian Model Lineup Announced

2018 Indian Model Lineup Announced : Remember back in 2013 when Indian Motorcycle relaunched with just three models? Well, a lot has happened in just a few short years. Today, Indian revealed its 2018 lineup, with the addition of a Roadmaster Elite and a Springfield Dark Horse for 2018. With the Indian Scout Bobber that we recently tested, Indian has 16 models in its latest catalog. The rest of the 2018 Indian model line receives tweaks and updates for the upcoming model year. “The Roadmaster Elite and Springfield Dark Horse are two fantastic motorcycles, with two different attitudes,” said Reid Wilson, Marketing Director – Indian Motorcycle. “The Roadmaster Elite packs all the bells and whistles perfect for riders looking for the best of the best, while the Dark Horse brings blacked-out style to the Springfield line. Beyond these two offerings, we have elevated each and every model – listening to our consumers to bring new features and colors they have asked for.” Whichever Indian

2014-2017 BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Fork Recall Confirmed for US

2014-2017 BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Fork Recall Confirmed for US : Earlier this month, we wrote about this “ service campaign ,” to repair the 2014-2017 BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure . The service bulletin is now officially a worldwide recall, affecting 14,626 motorcycles in the U.S. alone. According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , the fixed fork tubes on affected GS models may separate from the pressed-in seal plugs securing them to the upper triple clamp due to extreme stress. Symptoms of this issue include a rattling noise and/or an oil leak. The problem was first reported in March 2016 with a 2015 R1200GS model in Portugal. BMW then opened an investigation into the cause of the incident. By June 2016, BMW had received 105 reports worldwide of a gap at the front fork plug, and two reports of the plug completely separating. Analysis of the faulty parts found they met material and geometry specifications but had experienced plastic

Riding in the Shadow of Giants: Monument Valley by Motorcycle

Riding in the Shadow of Giants: Monument Valley by Motorcycle : Riding through Monument Valley becomes an exercise in kickstand use. Photos by the author. There I was—three hours into a wonderful ride that I had made many times over the years. The quickest route from my home near Flagstaff, Arizona, to the mountains of Colorado bissects the vast and beautiful Navajo Nation Reservation of the Four Corners region. My familiarity with U.S. Route 160, combined with light traffic and forever views, tricked me into speeds that were a bit north of the posted limit. Intermittent roadside native jewelry stands, cattle and Navajo hogans dotted the roadside. There was no practical reason to leave U.S. 160, which leads deep into Colorado via a very direct path. Practicality be damned. There is something inherent in motorcycling that reinforces the notion that it’s not just about “getting there.” That’s exactly why, instead of riding straight through the reservation town of Kayenta, Arizona, I w

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special : Harley’s iconic Road King gets a makeover in the Special version, which is nearly devoid of chrome. Even the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin is blacked-out. Photos by Brian J. Nelson. Before the Street Glide took over as Harley’s bestseller about a decade ago, the Road King was its chartbuster for many years. All of the first-year 1994 Road Kings were snatched up immediately, in fact, and some buyers even tried to flip them a few months later for a tidy profit. With its removable windshield and bags the Road King easily converts from a practical traveler into a cool custom profiler, and its classic ’50s styling with acres of chrome, fat Hydra-Glide-like front end and big headlight drew the Harley faithful like bees to honey. More power, smoothness and cooler running plus better suspension bring serious performance and ride quality to Harley’s Touring family. With the introduction of the new Milwaukee-Eight V-twin for 2017 , all of the bikes i

2018 Yamaha Star Venture | Road Test Review

2018 Yamaha Star Venture | Road Test Review : The new Star Venture blurs the line between modern and traditional with a big V-twin engine, crossover styling and every modern touring bell and whistle known to man…and then some. Today’s luxury touring motorcycle market is a much different kettle of fish than it was in the 1980s and ’90s, when sophisticated German and Japanese bikes with their smooth multi-cylinder engines defined the genre. Harley-Davidson’s subsequent dominance of the heavyweight touring market and the modernization of its bikes has had a huge influence on luxury-touring preferences, to the point that today we’re left with just the Honda Gold Wing and BMW K 1600 GTL carrying the multi-cylinder flag among a sea of V-twins. And as our Kings of Comfort comparison showed ( Rider , August 2015), the latest Harley and Indian dressers have evolved to the point that a flat six or four-cylinder engine is no longer required for a motorcycle to excel as a flagship luxury touring