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Big Dam Tour

Big Dam Tour : The Big Dam Tour was originally conceived as a multi-day moto-carouse way up to Northern California, where we’d swoop by a few of the state’s many impressive dams, including Shasta and Oroville, as an excuse to ride like maniacs over some great roads. The exigencies of the modern workplace, however, dictated an overnight blast to Hoover Dam via Death Valley – a ride of about 300 miles each way. Actually that’s probably just about right for a “bagger,” which is really just this side of a touring bike, and built for just such overnight hauls as well as around-town use and commuting. Mr. Hoover’s dam is also Los Vegas-adjacent, where a quick search for cheap accommodations had us booked into the Hooters Casino and Hotel quicker than Dirty Sean could say “hot wings.” Get the Flash Player to see this player. And so I found myself burbling through Corona early one morning two weeks ago on a brand spanking Twisted Cherry Harley-Davidson Street Glide , breathing in the wonde